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Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Musings - Collecting and Collections

Collecting is possibly one of the world's most popular pastimes and I'm sure that most of the readers of this blog are collectors of some sort. 

Many people start collections as children. My children have all had collections of some sort. Model ships, gemstones, wooden elephants,  sports memorabilia and so it goes on. They often outgrow them and move onto different things.

As adults, we can also change the things we collect. As we grow older and wiser, our tastes often change and we might move on from collecting certain things and start new collections.

I think the joy of collecting is in the hunt, stumbling across things to add to our collections in unexpected places, sometimes waiting years to find the item that is just right for our collections.

Sometimes collections can be hidden away and taken out every now and then to enjoy.
But, on the whole, we tend to display our collections, so that we can enjoy looking at them everyday.

Displaying collections in a way that is visually pleasing is is quite an art. Smaller objects can be placed in containers to great effect.

I think, in general, it is best to display your collections together, rather than distribute them all over your home. Massed objects create greater impact than those same objects dotted here and there.

If your collection is vast, you don't need to display it all at once, rather pack some of it away and rotate the pieces every now and then. You want to avoid your home starting to look like a shop.

Collecting things found in nature is especially rewarding and the best part is that it costs nothing. 

Flea markets, car boot sales and second hand shops are usually a treasure trove for collectors.

One of the fun things about collections is remembering the provenance of the pieces. I have collected Christmas decorations from different parts of the world and when we decorate the tree, it always brings back memories of wonderful travels.

It is often more fun collecting things that are old and have a history than new things. I quite enjoy speculating about the path a certain object might have travelled before landing in my hands. 

Having said all of this, I think probably the most important thing about collecting, is knowing when to stop!

I would love to hear about some of your collections.

Till next time

Sharon x

Images:  1. House of Mine 2. Tumblr 3. Pinterest 4. Pinterest 5. The Little Corner 6 Style for Living 7 Tumblr 8. Style for Living 9. Tumblr 10. The Vintiquarian 11. Country Living 12. Real Simple 13. Pure Style Home 14. Real Simple 15. Tumblr 16. The Bella Cottage 17. Atlanta Bartlett 18. Brown Dress with white dots 19. Country Living 20. Art And Decoration 21. House and Leisure 22. Tumblr 23. Tumblr 24 Tumblr 25. Unknown 26 Estilio Rustico


  1. Such great ideas Sharon. I'm especially fond of the sea shell collection display.

    Hope you have a great week ahead.

  2. Hello Sharon, what lovely images you have collected for us. I am not a collector. I start, but then I get bored. I do love blue and white china though, and suppose I do have a small collection of it. Love Linda x

  3. Hi Sharon, I tend to collect things that I use regularly. My largest collection is of vintage cocktail glasses, none of them valuable, just fun to use when we entertain at home - hence my need now for a large cabinet, preferable with glass doors per your last post, to house and admire them in.

  4. Great post Sharon, I love your collection of photos;) I collect xmas decorations too, the tree appears somewhat hap-hazard, but filled with memories:) Happy Monday!

  5. Beautiful inspirational photos! Thans for sharing!

  6. Oh! I always lose myself in your posts, Sharon!



  7. Sharon,
    Well, this was fun. I love to add to my own collections but I am equally interested in what others collect. So many fun images.

  8. Hi Sharon, I have a collection of white ironstone that I'm pretty much done collecting. I've run out of space! Your pictures are lovely and it's tempting to start a new collection of something wonderful like old bottles. Thanks for the great post.

  9. Sharon I love this post and your comment about when to stop. I've collected so many things and realized several years ago it was time to stop but yesterday I received two items in the mail that I didn't need and now want to, go figure. Sometimes we just can't help ourselves!


  10. Great post Sharon. I agree the pleasure is the hunt. I collect Pewter, Redware, probably too many to mention!

  11. Oh j'aime beaucoup ces collections surtout celles des bottes, des horloges, des chapeaux, des boutons ... Très joli billet !!! Merci !

  12. Collections...hum...I'm not sure what I collect now. I do have a collection of iron stone, 8 collections of antique china, but I have been trying to get rid of things. I don't have any new collection, but I'm sure there will be more in the future.

  13. hello sharon

    i read about you at our mutual friends blog; mona of providence ltd.

    thought i must come to investigate as mona has the best taste and i am delighted to stop by. what stunning images and many collections here i am coveting!

    i will be back, great to meet you!

  14. I love your collection of your blog!! I have a collection of trophies from my daughters!!I'm your newest follower
    xx Vicky

  15. Hello Sharon! I just discovered your blog and I am smitten. I am now happily following. Gorgeous images!
    Angie @ Swede Dreams

  16. I just discovered your blog today(what a shame) and I'm already a great fan. All the pictures are so wonderful and interesting. It was also a reminder that I am a collector of chopsticks.

  17. Gorgeous Sharon, great interior ideas.
    xo sandra

  18. Hello, Sharon!

    Great collections! I love the wooden heads. Where can I find heads like that to purchase?