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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Winning Window Seats

There is something about a window seat that conjures up images of lazy afternoons, good books, sitting doing nothing except gazing at the view, perhaps a nap in the sun, or curled up with a blanket while rain beats against the window. It sort of gives you permission to be a couch potato without actually being a couch potato!

I love the symmetry and the neutral colours.

Adds interest to a small window.

Pretty and feminine.

So inviting!

I love this idea for a beach house.

Lovely shades of grey. I might even start knitting too if I had a spot like this.

Works so well in a kitchen - a space for a friendly chat and cup of tea.

A clever way of accommodating a number of people in a small space.

This is not really a window seat, but a bed placed in the window alcove works just as well. 

What a lovely spot to recline.

Till next time

Sharon x

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  1. Love these little cozy window seats and could use one in our home for snow days like today. But since we don't have one I'll have to stay with being a couch potato.

    Happy Valentine's Day and enjoy your week Sharon!

  2. Oh...I so want a window seat. These were lovely photos but the 8th photo has my heart.

  3. Lovely examples of window seats! We had a couple (with storage underneath) at our old home.

  4. Love them all! I have a small one in the kitchen <3

  5. Sharon,
    I do love window seats, I even have one. These gave me some good pillow-in-the-window-seat ideas. Thanks!
    Have a good week.

  6. Hi Sharon,
    I love window seats, too! In fact I just posted my favorite window seat - the spot I like to claim with a stack of gardening books on a winter afternoon. Thanks for the lovely photo collection. I so enjoy your blog.

  7. Knitting in a spot like that will lead to Napping! :-)


  8. Love the neutral colors! I sometimes wish I had many homes and have every style I love

  9. Sharon

    You found some lovely examples. I love the beach house with the wicker chairs and the wrap around window seat!

  10. Love window seats....I have never had one but would love to add one in my next house....

  11. Window seats are coveted not just because of the promise and prospect of a lazy afternoon, but with its other functional uses as well. It can serve as good storage, a book case, a desk, or any other use that we can think of for a flat area. But, of course, what I love about it is that it could serve as our little corner to substitute for our bedroom. =)

    Ashlee Starns